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Faster muscle recovery & growth

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G.H.T. Stack is an effective benefits include; muscle growth, repair and recovery.

Sci Fit’s G.H.T Stack’s pharmaceutical grade formula contains:

L-Arginine is fast becoming the most popular supplement for nitric oxide production, newfound muscle pumps and growth hormone support.

Tribulis Terrestris has also found new life with improved purity producing unexpected results. “Trib”, as it is known, is noted as reinvigorating the bodies’ own testosterone production through stimulating the luteinizing hormone.

ZMA is certainly one of the most documented and verified dietary supplements for growth hormone and testosterone production backed by scientific research and leaner more muscular bodies worldwide.

Mucuna Pruriens is known to be rich in the amino acid L-Dopa. This amino has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier converting to dopamine, stimulating nerve production and the possible production of growth hormone (GH).

Sci-Fit’s G.H.T. Stack Soft Gel has encased the active ingredients in a pharmaceutical based sustained release pH enhanced delivery system. This proprietary delivery system allows the athlete to take smaller servings of supplements yet still get the same results of larger doses due to the delivery systems ability to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Sci Fit’s G.H.T. Stack (GH and Testosterone) is an excellent choice as a nighttime and/or “off cycle” rejuvenating agent.

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