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100% Pure Whey Isolate

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ISOLYZE is 100% pure, cold-filtered, whey protein isolate and is only available at www.i-Supplements.com.. It's the highest yield whey protein available on the market with an amazing 27 grams of protein per 30 gram serving size.

ISOLYZE has no carbohydrates, no lactose (milk sugar), and no fat. It's the purest and most biogically available source of whey protein on the planet.

At SPECIES, we use a sophisticated cold filtration system that carefully separates out the delicate whey protein without damaging it. This procedure has the added benefit of preserving 3 valuable components of whey-- immunoglobins, lactoferrins, and glycomacropeptides--that are necessary for optimal immune system function and protein synthesis reactions.

And if all this weren't enough, ISOLYZE tastes great too! Gone are the days of the chemical- or sour-tasting whey isolates! With ISOLYZE, you get the best of both worlds-- great quality and great taste!

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About Protein

Protein is the most important supplement that you should take as a bodybuilder, athlete or fitness competitor, next to a multi-vitamin. To simply put it, if your not taking in the adequate amount of protein on a daily basis, you will not grow and your wasting time in the gym.

  • You should consume 1.5–2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you weigh 150lbs, you should be consuming 225–300 grams of protein each day!
  • Protein Shakes are a great way to make sure you meet your daily intake of protein. You want to also make sure you are eating high protein foods as well, such as chicken, fish and steaks.
  • After an intense workout your muscles breakdown, which is why protein is so important! Protein will repair and build new muscle tissue.
  • If you are serious about building quality muscle, Protein Shakes will be part of your daily regimen, along with a healthy diet. Protein is the “building blocks” of growing.
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