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Eat your Kale

Kale isnít typically a leafy green we would consider tossing into our salad or using in a homemade meal. But itís packed with nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin, which are very important for healthy eyesight. Kale, which comes in straight or curly leaves, purple, red or green colors, also contains large amounts of vitamin K. This vitamin helps with blood clotting, anti Ėinflammation and strong bones. Kale has so much vitamin K as a matter of fact, it can prevent blood-thinning drugs from working. You should let your doctor know if you plan to start incorporating a lot of Kale into your meals so your medication can be adjusted.

Kale has significant cancer fighting properties. Harvard did a study of 48,000 men and this is what they found. One group ate more than five servings a week of Kale while the other group ate one serving or none at all. They monitored these individuals and their health for ten years. The group that ate five or more servings had their risk of getting bladder cancer cut in half!

Since Kale isnít the tastiest vegetable around, there are supplements and nutritional tablets you can take to get the same benefits. A good one is Alive Whole Food Energizer. If you do decide to cook with it, itís a colorful additive to coleslaw or a healthy ingredient in omelets and casseroles.