Switching up your foods

Are you in a food rut?

Americans are not varying the foods they eat in their diets often enough. Sticking to the same food items and food combinations whether nutritious or not, is keeping people from getting the nutrition benefits they need from other foods. For example, an individual may be “ hooked” on a breakfast of orange juice and a bowl of cereal. If you like juice, switching it up with a glass of mixed fruit juice will provide you with certain vitamins and anti – oxidants orange juice doesn’t contain- at least in substantial amounts.

The discovery and study of phytochemicals and the health and wellness benefits they provide proves even more that we need to expand our palates and eat as many different fruits and vegetables as we can. Phytochemicals are plant based cancer fighters that are not in all foods but are found in a concentrated group of foods. The greater your range in food choices, the likelier you are to consume them. Macro Greens by MacroLife Naturals makes a awesome greens alternative for people who do not eat enough vegetables.

Health experts recommend you try to change or flip flop what you can when trying to get out of that food rut. For example, switch from white bread to whole grain. If you insist on a cheese slice on your sandwich, go for reduced fat cheese. Concentrate on broadening your menu and food choices where you’ll be benefited. Don’t go after a new kind of potato chip or desert snack. Kay's Naturals produced a great line of inexpensive snack alternatives which are available here at i-Supplements. Aim to eliminate the unhealthful foods and snacks while discovering nutritious and healthy food choices in replacement.

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