Keep the holiday weight off

Here are some useful tips to avoid over indulging over the holidays

I know and understand that the holidays are stressful, plain and simple. And our first coping mechanism to deal with the stresses associated with this time of year is to eat! We overindulge and pay for it later in feelings of remorse and discouragement, as well as with weight gain. The weight gain, the discomfort, and the plan to eliminate the weight later only extends the anxiety and provides us with discomforting post holiday stress as well. Don’t be bewildered; there are ways to fight off this horrible holiday ritual of overindulging and regretting it later. Here are a few healthy holiday tips to follow:

1. Exercise. This helps relieve stress tremendously; it also helps us keep our weight in check when there are so many un-healthy choices on the table. Walking or jogging, for example, is a great stress reliever. It allows us to engage in cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercise while not working out too hard.

2. Do not save your calories for later by not eating all day before a holiday meal. This always backfires because you ultimately show up famished and then sit down to a meal that is full of high calorie holiday goodies. Eat normally throughout the day, and instead of trying to manipulate and control your eating behavior, become more conscious about what you are doing and how you can manage the upcoming situation.

3. Let yourself leave if you are uncomfortable, tired, or you have just had enough! Instead of lingering when bored, tired or uncomfortable, go home. If you stay in a situation longer than you really want to, the likelihood of eating and drinking more and more becomes greater and greater. Not overeating will allow you to stay connected to your feelings and your commitment.

Enjoy the holidays without having to eat your way to your grave!

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