So carbs cannot be stored as fat? YA RIGHT!

No joking matter! For the past several years, the idea that carbs cannot be stored as fat has been circulating, with theories saying excess carbohydrates aren’t immediately stored as bodyfat. Instead, they theorized that carbs somehow indirectly channeled their way through complicated pathways that make you fatter. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but carbs do make you fat! As a matter of fact, they do in three different ways.

Your body stores carbohydrates as bodyfat when your muscles and liver are full of glycogen. (Dis- continue a high carb diet if you’re on one! It can lead to fat gains if you caloric intake is high.)

You body may release a burst of insulin associated with carb eating that often triggers the inner workings of your body’s fat storing process.

News flash, if you haven’t already figured it out...carbs do directly increase your bodies fat storage! Everyone’s body goes through a process that turns carbs into fat, that is why so many people currently avoid high carb diets.

To prevent the negative effects of high carbs diets, try an alternating you carb intake into three days throughout the week. On the other days supplement your meals with lower carb ones. By doing so, you’re keeping your bodies glycogen storage down, and preventing the excess release of insulin.

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