Dining Out Awareness

Even if you aren’t on a strict diet or counting calories, eating out can add a lot of calories to your daily intake. When someone else is making your food, it’s easier to ingest ingredients you aren’t aware of, like sugary sauces or cheeses and other fatty foods. For example, trans fat has stability under high heat so many restaurants will use it b/c it’s so convenient. Saturated fats and sodium are the two worst things that are in your restaurant food.

When you’re out, ask for all sauces on the side; make sure you use them sparingly. Anything that’s toasted- like bread or a roll should come dry. Use a low fat spread if you have to have something on it. To get an extra dose of vitamins, ask for extra veggies. If the starches they offer have butter in them- like mashed potatoes, avoid them! An unbuttered sweet potato is a better option. Don’t drink beverages that contain calories.

Alcoholic drinks add too many empty calories to your meal. A good rule of thumb for cooking styles is baked, broiled or roasted. Grilling isn’t a bad option, although bbq sauce tends to be a common component at the grill. Ask for it on the side, it’s full of sugar.

Be mindful of how fast you’re eating. Slow down so you don’t over eat. Many entrée portions these days are too big. If you’re out with a companion, split it. If you’re alone, ask for a take out box ahead of time and take your leftovers home.

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