Dried Egg Whites

The question is…. do dried egg whites have the same food value as fresh eggs if I apply them to my bodybuilding diet?

Dried egg whites are convenient and nutritious. In addition, they can be purchased in efficient bulk packages. However, they are a bit difficult to find in mom and pop grocery stores. Dried egg whites are conveniently not always found in mainstream groceries, but can be found in some camping-gear and survivalist stores, as well as online. Powdered egg whites are offered in many options that are handy for bodybuilders. You can purchase them in pouches equivalent to the whites of three fresh eggs, or in larger containers, canisters, and even boxes!

Quick tip, Thirty-three grams of dried egg whites contain nearly 27g of protein and all 18 amino acids that are found in fresh grocery bought egg whites. Unlike fresh whites though, dried whites contain absolutely no fat or cholesterol. They do, however, have higher sodium content than their fresh partners in crime.

Dried egg whites are grand for increasing the protein content of meal replacement drinks, making it easier to achieve the suggested daily intake of 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. Two tablespoons of powdered egg whites add about 23 g of protein to a shake. Reconstituted with water, they’re useful for recipes that call for egg whites.

Quick tip, you can use the dried form right out of the package without worrying about salmonella poisoning because all such egg products, including liquid, are pasteurized. Unlike the liquid form though, you don’t need to worry about keeping dried egg whites refrigerated. Keep them tightly sealed and stored in a cool dry place, and they will have a predicted shelf life of more than a year! Eat away!

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