The Importance of Tea

For hundreds of years, people have been drinking and enjoying tea for many reasons-relaxation, curing health ailments & sickness and health prevention purposes just to name a few.

Teas, which come in black, green, white and oolong varieties contain flavanoids that posses very potent antioxidant properties. Although flavanoids are present in fruits and vegetables, the highest concentration can be found in tea leaves. Tea can lower the risk and potential of cardiovascular disease by calming inflammation in arteries; it improves blood pressure and ultimately can protect one’s heart from blood clot formation.

Drinking one or two cups of tea every day can improve what is called endothelial function, or how functional the lining of the blood vessels are. The better shape your arteries are in, the healthier your heart will be. It was found in a Japanese study that drinking Tea every day can definitely improve longevity and cut down the risk of cancer. Tea has also been shown to improve your mood and protect the brain from degenerative diseases like Huntington, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s due to the high content of the compound EGCG.

Drinking a couple of hot or cold glasses of Tea every day can do great things for your health and well- being. Just be sure to avoid sweetened teas or adding too much sugar to your home brewed cup. This will only add extra calories to your diet.

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