Important H20 Information

Some how there are people out there who do not know that water is essential to human health and development. HELLO! In fact you and I could not survive without it. Daily, we should drink enough water to replenish what our bodies have already lost.

The human body uses water for many different purposes including:

  • digestion
  • absorbtion
  • circulation
  • transportation
  • carrying away waste
  • maintaining the bodies core temperature

In case you didn't know the daily preferred amount of water recommended is 8 ounces within every 24 hours. Arm yourself with knowledge about how to truly drink water.

Tap water

Most of us drink water straight from the tap. Tap water is subject to federal and EPA standards, which means is as safe to drink as costly imported water melted right from polar ice caps! Ya right! It has been rumored that tap water is even safer to drink than bottled "pure" water. Tap water is filtered and disinfected and contains flouride, which is why our dentists love it!

Bottled Water

Some others enjoy purified and crisp bottled water. Bottled water has been stigmatized with claims that it is bad for humans. But bottled water is also held to similar FDA standards such as tap water. (Tap water is held to pass federal and EPA stands, not FDA). The only thing that bottled water compaines often do is purify and eliminate chlorine smells and tastes through the many treatments it goes through before being bottle and sold. Bottled water is not dangerous by any means, if anything it is highly convenient!

Home Purification Water Systems

If tap a/o bottled water is not your forte, then test out home purifications systems. You may enjoy the easy medium between the two. Many at home systems easily attach to your kitchen sink faucet or are pitcher sized containers that fit in almost any fridge.

So next time you reach in to grab something other than water, think about how resourceful a glass is to your body. Drink up and Enjoy!

Quick Fact: About 60% of the bodies weight is made up of water. Remember to stay hydrated, especially when being physically active.

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