Eat your eggs!

Eggs are one of the best foods available to man according to many men and women who have been involved in resistance training and health for years.

First let’s discuss the biological value of an egg. Hang tight, I promise it’s not too complicated but rather quite interesting and informative.

Biological value (BV) is a measure of the percentage of absorbed protein from a food which becomes incorporated into the proteins of our body. The higher the biological value, the higher amount of the broken down protein can be used in protein synthesis in our cells for maintainence and repair of muscle.

Eggs have a BV of 100, the only one one higher than that is whey protein. Cow milk holds a 91 BV, beef an 80 BV, and caesin a 77 BV. All of these food are important but as you can see, eggs can be argued as one of the best foods out there.

Eggs are packed with lots of important nutrients such as protein, essential vitamins A (essential for normal growth and development), D (important for absorption of calcium and is necessary for bone health), E, and B group (increased energy) as well as the minerals iron (essential for red blood cell formation), phosphorus (essential for healthy teeth and bones) and zinc (which contributes to normal function of the immune system). Eggs are relatively low in saturated fat. Eggs are low in calories, but the calories they do contain are most definitely quality calories.

When you’re talking bang for your buck, eggs are the way to go. Usually eggs are considered a breakfast food and can be difficult to incorporate into the workday or when not at home, making an egg protein powder a fantastic way to go. Adding one scoop of egg protein to each shake during the day and post workout is a convenient way to get this great protein, which can almost be considered a whole food rather than a supplement!

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