Are you being accidently medicated?

Traces of prescription drugs and medications are showing up in tap water and other home water faucets & dispensers nationwide. Painkillers, antibiotics, anticonvulsants and hormones are the most common drugs that have been found.

This is actually not a recent discovery either; researchers and scientists started raising concern over ten years ago. A team of investigators tested drinking water databases and water treatment plants to gather this information. They interviewed scientists and several other officials to find that there are traces and significant amounts of pharmaceuticals showing up in city and public watering systems across the country.

Drug and pharmaceutical companies have regulations for disposal of drug residuals waste by the Environmental Protection Agency. The drug companies are not really the concern. The source of this leakage is right n our homes. When people discard old medications into the toilet or sink, obviously it’s going to sink into the ground, and at one point will get into our drinking water. We are even contaminating our water when we use the toilet; the body metabolizes these drugs and it eventually makes it’s way to the ground water.

Fortunately it hasn’t been proven that these residual amounts of pharmaceuticals have caused any health damage to people. At the same time, who’s to say that these small amounts aren’t causing future harm to our health ten to twenty years down the road?

To protect yourself at home, you can purchase a reverse osmosis filter for your home. These are pretty costly however. In the meantime, water safety groups are working to find preventative solutions that don’t cost a fortune.

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