Post Workout Ideas

What you eat after your work out is important for muscle recovery, glycogen replacement and energy for your next work out. If you’re not eating the right things, you’ll end up feeling fatigued instead of energized. The harder you train, the greater the impact your post work out nutrition will have.

Carbohydrates are essentially the fuel the body uses for energy expenditure and the body only stores a certain amount of glycogen to burn as well, so it’s important to replace what you used during the work out. Exercising with an insufficient amount of carbohydrates will lead to early exhaustion and greater chance for injury. Lower fiber starches are are good choices because they easily break down into blood sugar (glucose.) Remember, the longer you train, the more fuel your body will need.

Protein has a reparative quality to it and the consumption of it after your work out is very important. Protein repairs muscle that has been worked and fatigued. If you’re trying to lose weight, you actually need more protein than someone who isn’t on a weight loss regimen. This is because when your diet is low in calories, the body burns protein for energy.

Following exercise, take in three times as many carbs as protein; carbs promote the release of insulin and insulin helps amino acids from proteins to enter the muscle tissue more rapidly.

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