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Rice, Rice, Rice, It’s All about Rice…Or is it?

Some bodybuilders get entirely too obsessed with one food in their diets, even though it is better to eat a variety of foods rather rely on just one. The question is; what else is there to eat when rice begins to be too dry, clumpy and boring by itself? Are there any substitutes?

Every item of food out there has a distinctive nutrient profile, elevated in some nutrients and little in others. When following a diet that overemphasizes a few foods, such as rice, you run the risk of creating deficits in some nutrients. This is always true whether its protein foods, complex carbs, or veggies. Therefore, a bodybuilder who eats nothing but chicken breasts, rice and broccoli, which is considered to be an ideal bodybuilding meal, will be lacking nutrients that should be balanced out by eating other foods.

If you don’t like rice, don’t eat it! No one is forcing you to chew and swallow! By eating a range of other complex carbs such as, yams, oatmeal, potatoes, pasta and whole grain breads, you will still be covering all of your bases. If you do like rice, but it is dry, clumpy and boring by itself, then maybe it’s the preparation or the way it’s being cooked. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how to cook rice, but take a few steps to learn how to cook it correctly.

First, try a different cooking method. For instance, a rice steamer is a simple and easy way to prepare small or large quantities of rice. Second, try different types of rice. Brown rice tends to be a little drier than white and has a nuttier flavor. Basmati rice has a rich buttery flavor and tends to clump less. Try preparing it with vinegar and sugar like they do in Sushi restaurants. It’s a “clean” food, but it has a lot of flavor and just a little bit of sugar that helps satisfy carb cravings without destroying a pre-contest diet. Lastly, try mixing some lemon juice and sugar in with your rice to get it to separate and add a little moisture. It may make it slightly palatable for you. If you still don’t like it, then focus on some of the other complex carbs that you will actually like!

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