Stop the sugar drinks

With the discovery and migration of new fruits and juices in the United States, fruity beverages and juice drinks are becoming more and more popular. People are being promised a health boost, but are not warned of the extra calories they’re pounding down at the same time!

Almost 25% of our daily calories are from the beverages we drink. Most of these drinks are sweetened teas and fruity drinks. The “super size” concept also plays into this. A small cola isn’t going to add as many calories as an extra large 32 ounce from the drive thru.

People who drink sugary beverages intake an average of 200 more calories per day than those who choose drinks with less sugar! It’s also noted that sweetened drinks high in calories don’t satisfy our stomachs the way calories from solid foods do.

Sodas and “fake” sugars found in these drinks also happen to be the onlyspecific food directly linked to weight gain. The next time you want arefreshment reach for something like Green Tea. There’s a nice option calledGreen Tea Energy Fusion; they’re portable packets you just add to water.What a great option for our busy lifestyles!

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