To drink or not to drink…...H2O

One of the most common questions tossed around among our clients is, “How much water should I drink a day?”

Then answer varies from one professional to another, but it simply depends on how much you weigh, according to a study from The St. Louis Community College. I’m sure you’ve heard the typical, “you must drink eight glasses of water a day” rule before, right? But according to the study, that would be a sufficient amount for someone who weighs up to or around 128 pounds, not for someone who weighs 150. For reference, think of it this way, for every two pounds of body weight over 128 pounds, you need to drink an additional ounce of water. For example, if you weigh around 140 pounds you should drink up to nine glasses of water a day. Water is your best bet for replenishment while increasing your daily supply, but look upon fruits and vegetables for other ways to retain fluid. Remember to take into consideration intense or physical straining workouts, or if you live in a naturally warm environment. You will then need even more water added daily to compensate for the amount of fluid lost through sweat.

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