Learn About The Acai Berry

Research has publicized that the Acai berry is one of the most nutritious and potent anti-aging foods available in the world! Acai products are quickly becoming one of the newest and most talked about but hottest selling supplements on the current market. Indigenous to the Amazon rain forest the natives of Brazil have been very familiar with the amazing Acai berry plant, enjoying and reaping the benefits of the plant for some time. Using the Acai berry as a staple of their diet for thousands of years, natives to Brazil have un-covered the spectacular effects of the acai plant and have shared them with the world.

With their growing popularity in the worldwide market, practically everyone can benefit from the acai berries and many of its products. The acai plant is most commonly used among athletic and health conscious individuals but more recently has become a staple in many supplements for all walks of life.

Benefits of the Acai plant include:

  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Anti-bacterial Properties
  • Ward off infections
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Boost the immune system
  • Promote Weight Loss
  • Detox Cleansing and Purification
  • High Blood Pressure reduction
  • Ease heart conditions
  • Lower high cholesterol
  • Help arthritis
  • Ease allergies

These astounding berries pack a punch. These small grape-like berries are loaded with protein, fiber, iron, calcium and potassium. They also contain beneficial fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 9, which help keep cholesterol levels normal.

Acai has been packed into all different kinds of foods, drinks, products and supplements since its burst into the mainstream market. Most commonly, acai berry benefits are attained by the use of Acai dietary supplements. It is easier for your body to reap the beneficial ingredients packed into that little berry when in supplement form. There are all different kinds of acai products though including drinks, smoothies, bars, seeds and the actually acai berry where you can attain the benefits of Acai. Find yourself a product though that hasn’t stripped the acai of its antioxidants – the most important ingredient of the plant! Acai has more antioxidants than any other known food source in the world. Anti-oxidants are best known for their properties that help slow down the aging process.

Acai has been and will continue being the most talked about nutritional aid for all types of people. This superfood is capable of benefiting so many people with its many positive attributes. Unfortunately because of the limited areas in the world where you can grow the Acai plant, it could be many, many years before we can fully understand the numerous health benefits associated with the Acai berry. But for now, we can at least be at ease knowing Acai is truly a gift to us all from Mother Nature herself; A gift of long, healthy and happy life to all.

Jim Riggs
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Jim Riggs is an authority in the fitness, nutrition and supplement industries. With more than twenty years of experience training everyone from soccer moms, to NFL Athletes, to Olympic gold medalists he has seen it all. Jim has a unique understanding, style and passion toward everything fitness. As a contributing writer for http://www.i-supplements.com Jim brings this uniqueness to the supplement world through no nonsense product review and hard hitting commentary.

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