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Arnold Schwarzenegger – How He Developed His Physique

Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger is revered as both a governor and a movie star. However, during the 70s and 80s, he gained success as a bodybuilder. His toned physique allowed him to win Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia. The latter accolade he achieved seven times throughout the course of his bodybuilding career. He continues to stay true to the sport, even after retirement. In addition to founding the Arnold Sports Festival, Schwarzenegger has created dozens of books and videos explaining how one can achieve his success.

Core to this information is the basic workout routine. Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered “old school” when it comes to bodybuilding workouts. He would mix together a variety of reps, allowing him to exercise a different set of muscles every week. Only his stomach, calves and forearm muscles were focused on every day. In either case, typical exercises were used. Presses and dumbbell workouts were a couple of the most common, but Schwarzenegger never stuck to the same routine. He believed muscle confusion was the key to success. Without it, a person’s body would get used to a particular routine.

Nutrition is another area of focus in a typical Schwarzenegger book or video. Unlike other bodybuilders, Arnold Schwarzenegger periodically cuts calories. He mixes in low-calorie days with high-calorie ones. In the world of fitness, this is known as calorie cycling. It is helpful because it forces the body to revitalize its metabolism. The high-calorie days keep the body from believing its starving, while the low-calorie ones jolt it into fat-burning mode. This helps bodybuilders build muscle faster.

Finally, there is the issue of one’s mindset. Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that in order to be a good bodybuilder, you must love the sport. In fact to him, training is a way of relieving stress; it doesn’t create it. If you view working out as a chore, you do not have the right bodybuilding mindset. However, you cannot go overboard either. Even if you enjoy training, Schwarzenegger recommends giving your muscles a one to two day break between workouts, (depending on the groups being exercised). By doing this, you lessen the likelihood of injury while giving your muscles a chance to rest. This makes them more efficient when you are ready for your next workout. It also prevents overtraining, a phenomenon that hinders your bodybuilding efforts. Indeed, with Schwarzenegger’s approach, the rest period is just as important as the workout itself.

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