Setting Reachable Goals for Weight Loss

We have all done it, any of us that have ever decided to lose weight and set our weight loss goals out of reach. The problem is that by the time we realize we are not going to reach that goal we have already given up. The thinking of I want to lose 15 pounds in 30 day sounds pretty easy to some, the truth is that if you are not already eating right and know what your body can and can’t do this goal is very hard to reach.

Setting reachable goals for weight loss over longer periods of time and then slowly modifying them is much easier and healthier. When you set goals to high and you are not seeing results fast enough it can become depressing and overwhelming. Setting smaller goals that you reach and actually see results, no matter how small keeps you trying and achieving more.

Tips for Weight-Loss

1. Smaller portions, eating smaller portions every couple of hours helps to keep you feeling full. It also helps to increase metabolism and raises energy levels.

2. Drink more water, since our body’s are more water than anything else, you need to make sure that your drinking at a minimum 8 to 10 glasses a day. Also things like sodas and energy drinks are loaded with sugar and can help increase weight, so stop drinking those.

3. Slow down, slowing down while eating and taking more time to chew can actually make you feel like you have eaten more and lets your stomach and brain work together. Research shows that on average it takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to tell the brain you’re full. If you have been eating fast and a lot this is where the stuffed feeling comes from all of the sudden.

4. Pre Make your food, take one day a week and make your main 3 meals for the week. Using correct portions and carbohydrates to protein ratios are important. This helps to stop over eating and eating when you don’t actually need to. It also keeps you out of the fast food line.

5. Snack healthy, find healthy snacks that are not just loaded with unhealthy ingredients and keep snacking to a minimum.

6. Most important setting goals, set goals to start off small try to lose 2 pounds in 4 days and keep it off. As you start to lose weight don’t worry so much about what the scale says and pay attention to how your close start fitting. The more lose clothes become the more weight your loosing.

These are just some small tips that can help you to achieve some weight loss over longer period of time and can help to keep it off. Diet and exercise are a must but, keep exercise at a rate that you feel comfortable with. Over training can result in longer periods of needed rest and work against you.

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