MRP Shakes & The Benefits

Also known as meal replacement powders, MRP’s are an excellent and convenient way for the busy health enthusiast to get their daily nutritional requirements. MRP’s have come a long way within the past few years. Once made popular by the professional bodybuilding and fitness industry, more and more people are taking advantage of MRP shakes No longer just for bodybuilders or fitness competitors, MRP Shakes are seeing increasing use from professional athletes to the housewife next door.

MRP Shakes provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Aids in your ability to burn fat
  • Helps to increase energy
  • Convenient alternative to whole food meals
  • Delicious taste

So what makes these meal replacement powders so different from a regular protein powder? The answer lies in the name of each product.

Meal replacement shakes are just that – they replace a meal. That means they contain all three of the macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates and fat – in a specific ratio to one another. The most common of these is known as the 50/30/20 ratio, which translates into 50% protein, 30% fat and 20% carbs, to coincide with the popular low-carb lifestyle. There are other ratios to these MRP’s, which cater to just about anyone’s choice of nutrition plan.

With protein powders, you are basically getting just that – protein. Some of these protein powders contain carbs and fat, but generally they are in such small amounts that they are not considered to be sufficient for an entire meal. These types of powders are generally used for additional protein in ones’ diet.

Not only do these meal replacements come in powder form, but with the advances made in the nutritional supplement industry, you can also find meal replacement bars, ready-to-drink shakes, and individual packets you can throw in your purse, book bag, or briefcase. With the ease and convenience provided by these meal replacements, it has never been easier to reach your physique goals.

When it comes to looking your best and optimizing your metabolism, a standard rule given by just about any health and fitness guru is to eat 5 to 6 small, healthy meals each day. Not many people have the time, let alone the desire, to cook 6 meals every day, and this is where the MRP’s come into play. You can just toss a packet of your favorite MRP into your bag, and you’re off! Or, you can put the powder into a shaker cup and take it wherever you go. Just add water from a bottle or tap at your convenience, and you have an instant, nutritious meal with little time or hassle.

When you make the choice to incorporate MRP’s into your nutrition plan, you are making an important investment in your health. With the ease and convenience of a full meal in one powder, packet or bar, skipping meals should no longer be an option for you. MRP’s can help keep your energy levels high, and take your body from fit to fat.

Tim Mielke
Author and Supplement Expert

Tim Mielke has been involved in the supplement industry for over 15 years. As a former competitive body builder and personal trainer, Tim has extensive first-hand knowledge of the benefits and pitfalls of fitness supplementation. Knowledge so extensive, in fact, that his book, “The Book of Supplement Secrets: A Beginners Guide to Nutritional Supplements,” was recently published and is currently available through Tim brings this supplement and bodybuilding know-how to as a contributing author and researcher.

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