Post Training Recovery

Post training recovery is one of the most important tools for athletes in all sports. The majority of professional athletes have strength coaches and nutritionists who stay on them about nutrition and the importance of proper nutrition timing. Many fitness enthusiasts and amateur athletes miss out on this important detail. Post workout is a great time to enhance recovery as well as muscle growth. Sports supplements play a big role in the prevention of over training and common sports injuries.

Without proper recovery an athlete can experience a side effect known as overtraining. When athletes overtrain they no longer can recover properly with just rest. This can lead to a change in mood as well as injuries. Many athletes and bodybuilders train for specific events on certain days. So training can go on for a long period of time so the athlete feels frustration. This can lead to longer workout sessions that can lead to an increase in overtraining.

Post Training RecoveryHere are some helpful tips for increasing post training recovery:

~ Get enough rest
~ Take a nap
~ Take a hot bath
~ Eat for recovery
~ Get a massage

Getting plenty of sleep is number one for anybody regardless of age or fitness level. Most doctors and health experts agree that the average human should try and get around 8 hours of sleep a night. Now 8 hours for some people can be challenging. Sleep medicince can be tricky. I have used and recommend natural sleep aids. My clients and I have experienced great results with Somatamax from Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals and Somalyze from Species Nutrition.

A lack of sleep can affect you in many ways:

~ Reduce your ability to recover
~ Decrease in sex drive
~ Mood change
~ Accelerate the aging process

Rest and a healthy diet are essential parts in performance enhancement. Without the use of performance enhancing drugs athletes must turn to sports nutrition. Supplements are the secret weapon in the fight against recovery. Dietary supplements have been used as a major tool in bodybuilding for years. Weight training breaks down the muscles being used. Sports supplements like creatine and whey protein can allow the athlete to recover faster by repairing body cells and muscles. Protein is an extremely important nutrient that your body needs daily. Increasing the amount of protein will help your body recover faster from workouts. Elevating your protein to 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is optimal for proper muscle recovery.

Ask any strength coach what the most important meal of the day is? Besides breakfast nine times out of ten they will say post workout meal. A great post workout meal is a shake that consists of protein, carbohydrates, and other sports supplements like BCAAs and Glutamine depending on your goal. MRX 1 from Schwartz Labs is a great solution to your post workout puzzle. MRX 1 has 45 grams of muscle building protein and 33 grams of carbs per serving. Now drink your MRX 1 and wash it down with some Glutamine Select from Beverly International and you are on your way to post training recovery.

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