Symptoms of Too Much Testosterone

Testosterone is a very popular topic among athletes and fitness enthusiasts here at I-Supplements. The positive and negative effects of testosterone therapy are widely debated by the medical community. Besides its use in sports medicine, testosterone is now being used to help combat many diseases and other health problems.

Testosterone has many great benefits including:

·Leaner Physique/ Muscle Definition
·More Muscle Mass/ Weight
·Overall Strength Gains
·Faster Recovery Time
·Elevated Sex Drive

With all of these positive qualities, Testosterone does have some negative effects on the body if too much is consumed. This substance should not be taken unless you are under the care of a doctor or health care professional because overuse can lead to many health problems such as:

·Gynocomastia (Man Boobs)
·Male Pattern Baldness
·Cardiovascular Problems
·Inhibition of Natural Hormones

The effectiveness of Testosterone is undeniable and because of that, many different compounds have been created to help athletes and everyday people. The use of test can be very expensive and many doctors are still hesitant to recommend it. Many resort to obtaining testosterone illegally. This is, of course, a bad idea. Not only will it create a legal problem for you, a large portion of illegal testosterone sold is counterfeit and can cause additional health risks or fail to work at all. Also, when you inject testosterone, pain and inflammation are very common in the area of the injection. To avoid huge doctor bills and legal risks, I suggest a pro-hormone regimen. Take my advice and check out 3-AD, Trifecta Stack from Legal Gear, 4ad, or Methyl Masterdrol. These prohormones are designed to help boost your testosterone levels naturally without unwanted side effects. Enjoy your new libido and muscle gain.

Josh Rafferty

Josh Rafferty

Josh was one of 16 fighters from across the United States to compete on The Ultimate Fighter Season 1, which airs on Spike TV still today. As a Mixed Martial Arts Veteran, Josh has had over 25 fights since 1998 and continues his career into 2009. Josh is also a coach and mentor to many amateur and professional fighters in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH.

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