Pro Bodybuilder Lee Haney

Lee Haney – Helping Others Achieve Perfect Health

Lee Haney is a bodybuilder that everyone can look up to. In terms of accomplishments, he has won Mr. Olympia eight times, a very difficult accolade to achieve. He was also able to win several IFBB competitions despite a heavier weight. Of course, this was not because of fat. Instead, he was so toned he ended up having more muscle than his competitors, which lead to his victory. Today Haney continues to amaze, but not necessarily because of his bodybuilding. He is also admired for the work he does within the community, especially in regards to health.

There are two approaches Lee Haney takes when it comes to teaching others about good health. The first involves concentrating on one’s spirituality. As a devout Christian, Haney feels that God is the ultimate bridge towards training harder. This is a refreshing perspective, as many others concentrate more on the physical side of bodybuilding. With Haney’s view, a bodybuilder stays motivated even if it appears that he or she is on the brink of failure. Just as they are about to give up, they can turn to a Higher Power for their strength.

The second approach concentrates on the physical side. His television show, TotaLee Fit, teaches people how to exercise like a champion. They learn different weight lifting techniques, as well as aerobic exercise. In between time, there are episodes where Haney talks about proper nutrition. He wants people to understand that exercise means nothing if you are eating fast food every day. Remember, even if you have enough muscle to burn it off, you still have to worry about high cholesterol, diabetes and other conditions associated with eating unhealthy.

Along those lines, Lee Haney thinks outside of the box by supporting nutritional supplements. In fact, he believes in them so much, he sells his own line. These specialized supplements are designed for all levels of fitness, whether you need to lose weight, detox or gain weight. There are also supplements to enhance joint health. Either way, Haney believes the supplement holds the secret to optimal health because the Western diet is lacking in nutrition. In addition, it does not go against his spiritual beliefs. Unlike steroids, nutritional supplements do not contain drugs. They are made of all-natural ingredients, making them safe for virtually everyone. You just have to make sure you are also following Haney’s other advice. Otherwise, you could still be unhealthy, even as you are taking the supplements.

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