Herbal Diuretics for water loss

Herbal Diuretics
Herbal Diuretics

Herbal Diuretics – A Safe Alternative to the Water Pill?

Many people are currently using what is commonly referred to as the “water pill” for a great number of reasons. Perhaps the most popular reason that doctors prescribe a water pill for people is to treat hypertension, but they are also used to treat other things, such as excessive fluid retention, urinary tract infections, kidney disease and for the purpose of getting someone to urinate. The problem with using drugs like the water pill is that they usually cause so many other issues that it may not be worth living with the side effects in order to experience the good things the pill can do. So what are the other options? Instead of the traditional water pill, many people have started turning to herbal diuretics instead.

Herbal diuretics are used instead of the traditional water pill because they offer the same kind of treatment, except they don’t have any of the unwanted side effects. That in itself puts them at a huge advantage over the water pill. Taking an herbal supplement will also allow you to cut down on how much water your body is retaining. They do this simply by using herbs in the supplement which are able to clear out the excess liquid that is being housed inside of the body’s various tissues. This is called forced diuresis in the medical world.

Sometimes herbal diuretics more accurately described as aquaretics due to the fact that they bring about a process known as aquaresis. This is a process where urination is brought about, only with this process, there are no electrolytes being depleted. A lot of the most common diuretics that are used include fennel, mint, sage, saffron, spearmint, wintergreen, strawberry leaves, sassafras, dandelion and parsley. These are also some of safest herbs you can use as a replacement for a traditional diuretic. Using herbal alternatives is nothing new to the Native Americans, as they have been using them this way for centuries now.

You will find that a majority of herbal diuretics are taken either in capsule, tea or extract form. Some can even be eaten in their raw form or they can be added onto a salad. In terms of side effects, there virtually are none for the herbal alternatives. There may be some side effects linked to each individual herb, but these certainly even come close to the amount you could potentially see when using a prescription based water pill.
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