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What is insulin, exactly? Insulin is a hormone produced by the body to regulate metabolism of glucose absorbed by the liver and muscle structure from the bloodstream. The glucose is converted and stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen. When insulin levels are too high or too low, the body will cause either too much or not enough glucose to be absorbed and stored. This creates a serious disruption in the body’s use of fat as energy. With no glucose to burn, the body then shifts into Plan B and starts burning fat. Insulin mimicking supplements may help trick the body into functioning as though adequate levels of insulin are present.

In Type I Diabetes patients, the body no longer produces insulin, therefore it must be provided in the form of shots or pills so that the body may once again being absorbing glucose. Type 2 Diabetes patients have a reduced level of insulin in their bodies, but usually do not require medication such as insulin shots. For these patients, insulin mimicking supplements combined with a proper diet may be sufficient to restore the necessary metabolism in their body. However, before beginning any dietary changes, diabetes patients should consult their doctor.

Body builders and weight lifters often seek insulin mimicking supplements to assist with muscle building and fat burning. These supplements target anabolic pathways and use the body’s natural insulin system to promote muscle growth faster than the body would normally sustain. Some supplements affect the release of insulin in the body without altering blood sugar levels so that the ratio of glucose to fat burned for energy is more tailored to the results they are looking to achieve. While continued prolonged augmentation of the level of insulin in the body is not recommended, short term use has not been deemed unsafe.

The idea behind insulin mimicking supplements is to control blood sugar while simultaneously getting the body to burn carbs for energy rather than convert it to fat. Chromium is a common insulin mimicker and has been used for years by body builders and weight lifters with fast and effective results. Chromium, a trace mineral the body absorbs from food, is an essential element in the body’s production of insulin. Many prepackaged foods do not contain the recommended dosage of Chromium, so even non athletic people may benefit from using a Chromium supplement to increase energy and balance glucose levels in the bloodstream.
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