EnergyCare USA

About EnergyCare?

EnergyCare manufactures a holistic line of sports, health and wellness products for a wide variety of market segments. EnergyCare’s next generation and proprietary Atraxlite™ technology utilizes MAP™ processes and is intended to maximize the absorption of natural light and energy into the body at subatomic levels. EnergyCare products have proven to be successful in performance based testimonials and the company’s research and development team is always on the cutting edge of new and practical solutions.

What is the EnergyCare USA's history?

Established in 2007, EnergyCare was founded in Ecuador. At the foundation of the company’s beginnings is a water scientist who researched and experimented with the study of technology, light and energy. Today, the many potential health and life quality benefits of the company’s products are well known and they are distributed in the United States and Canada by EnergyCare USA.

How EnergyCare USA Products Benefit You

As evidenced by our numerous supportive testimonials, EnergyCare has been widely successful when utilized by people of any lifestyle, age, gender and physical ability. Though results vary, customer feedback has shown that EnergyCare can increase energy, decrease pain, aid in recovery, improve quality of sleep, and enhance strength, balance, flexibility and concentration.

As you begin to experience the EnergyCare difference, you may find that a combination of our products – the Sports Band or Health Band, Dream Pillow and Personal Card for example – may best suit your needs. You should also consider introducing your pet to the benefits of EnergyCare with our animal friendly Pet Pad.

What does the future hold for EnergyCare?

With a strong following and a clear vision for future growth, the EnergyCare brand is on schedule for international rollout in other countries throughout 2011 and into the future. Many new and exciting products are also in development.

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