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Yellow Bullet

A friend of mine gave me some of her "Yellow Bullet's" to try. I liked the increased energy, and after 3 months, I am VERY proud to say that I have lost 32 lbs. I have tried so many energy pills that are on the market, and they would work for a bit, then fade away. These give me just the right boost of energy I need. I am finally happy with how I look.

Thank you, Juli D

Green Stinger & Stimerex-ES

After quiting a high stress job, I put on 15 pounds in the first 3 weeks after leaving.I worked on losing that 15 pounds for a year and although I didn't gain more I just could get it off. At first I started with Green Stinger which gave me more energy then I added the Stimerex-ES and the weight started coming off. I've lost 10 pounds, which is fine. I can get back into my suit skirts and pants which was my biggest concern.I'm thrilled!

Dana T.

Waxy Maize (Flud by Dymatize)

Jason, Jim, and Bryce had all recommended that I put waxy maize into my regimen. Well, from the first day I noticed a significant difference within cardio, weight, and martial arts training. You can say that waxymaize is basically your nitric oxide and then some....unbelievable results. The pumps are awesome and I've never had that much of a positive adrenaline rush during training. This is the exact thing that you want to reach your goals...and these guys can help you get their through both years of experience and living it. Don't go anywhere else...I-Supplements/Schwartz Labs is all that you need to know.

To Go Brands Products

To Go Brands Berrie Crush is a great alternative to sugary juices and plain water. I needed to drink more fluids and don't eat near enough fruits or veggies. I don't like plain water very much, so I decided to give this a try. It tastes like fruit, not like vegetables which I am very happy about! I know I am getting my fruits, veggies AND all the water I need!!!

To Go Brands Green Tea Energy Fusion is exactly the energy drink I needed. It doesn't make you jittery or obviously energetic, just a little more alert. It tates like mild lemon with a hint of honey. Not real tangy and it is easy to drink. I also found that I am losing a little bit of weight with help of the metabolism boosting ingredients.


TBR Labs Colostrum

On 8/7/07 my 5.5 year old male Doberman, CH Skylocke's One Tin Soldier(Kalebh) dropped dead of sudden death cardio on my kitchen floor, in front of me. He voided, no respiration. he was gone. My 19 year old son and a family friend started to work on him. Chest compression, mouth to mouth and finally I hit him with my EpiPen. His heart restarted, panicked we carried him to the car and drove him to the local emergency vet. He was too far advanced for their facility, all they could do was attempt to stabilize him and call to make arrangements to transfer to a Cardiac Critical Care facility. His strip looked like a child's scribbling. Keep in mind that DCM(dilated cardio myopathy) is rampant in our breed. Per a study out of the University of Toronto, of all male dobermans over the age of 7 asymptotic to DCM, 60% die of the disease..........and 40% of our females. That is the ones that do not already have it.

Back to my story, Kalebh was now under the care of one of the two board certified veterinariy cardiologist in the Pacific NW. He spent 4 days at the care facility. He was sent home with pimobendan and mexilitine, in large doses. WIth a written diagonsis stating he had DCM and arrymithia and 6 weeks to 3 months to live. Keep in mind that when he was 3 and prior to breeding he had a full cardio workup(EKG and ultrasound) and given a clean bill of health. I went home, got online and did my homework. According to all the other breeders they were giving their cardio dogs these supplements: l-carnitine, taurine, fish oil and CoQ10. I added those, but I did my own online research and found an article about a human with DCM. That article talked about his use of colostrum and his recovery from DCM. By the end of August of 2007, Kalebh began his colostrum, 3000mg a day of powdered organic first milking TBR Labs Colostrum. As well, there were 7 other dobermans that Kalebh and I knew from the DoberWorld and showring who were diagonsed with this disease. Kalebh's breeder told N*** owner about the article I had found and highly suggested it's use.

Now it is October of 2008, all of these dogs have died from DCM..........EXCEPT Kalebh and N**. Kalebh and N** were diagonsed within weeks of each other. Another Doberman did start on the colostrum but ONLY long after he had been diagonsed, he only had about 6 weeks on it before he passed. I am NOT stating that this is any form of a scientific story. This is only a personal tail.....of two dogs who have beaten the odds.

Thanks for your time.

Jenn Books-A.

Red Dawn Products

i-Supplements has the best prices around when it comes to Red Dawn products. They offer Buy 1 get 1 free and free shipping! I have searched the Internet & this is by far the best deal!!! Thank you i-supplements! I will definitely keep ordering!

Randi B.

Anabolic Xtreme Anabolic Stack

I am a forty one year old male, five feet eleven inches tall, two hundred fifteen pounds. I have been lifting on and off all my life. I recently decided to take supplements to the next level and started stacking Hyperdrol ,Mass FX, and Trisorbagen. The results have been phenomenal. I can’t wait to hit the gym, my energy level is through the roof, my strength has improved twenty percent, and I’m in the best shape of my adult life. I highly recommend Anabolic Extreme products and I-Supplements has delivered in a timely manner ,well packaged , and plenty of literature explaining product. I would advise user to read all literature thoroughly and follow manufacturer’s directions to the letter. I am now more motivated than ever to lifting and staying in shape.

Sincerely, Gene T.

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Species Nutrition

Along with my Trainer, Mr.G , Species Nutrition products have helped me change my life. Mr.G introduced me to these products, a new way of eating and working out. I have dropped 5 sizes and my body fat went from over 30% to 16%. I continue to live my life fit and healthy with the Species products as a daily part of my dietary program. The Isolyze protein shakes are the best I have ever tried. They taste great (chocolate milk is my favorite), mix easy and are clean. Lipolyze is a fat burner that contains no stimulants, therefore the only side affect you have is fat melting off your body. No sweats or shakes.

A special thanks to Species Nutrition and Mr.G for changing the life of this mother of three for the best.

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