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Ready to Drink Protein Shakes – Protein on the Go

Body builders, weight lifters, power lifters, and other athletes understand the value of protein. Protein is an important part of building strong, healthy muscle mass and burning excess fat. One of the prime dietary supplements for most body builders centers on proteins and essential amino acids, as it aids in boosting energy and quickening recovery after workouts. However, traditional protein shakes that rely on powder form can be messy and difficult to mix at the gym or on the go. As such, ready to drink protein shakes are a convenient way to get all the benefits of protein shakes without the messy mix.

Ready to drink protein shakes can easily be transported in a gym bag, placed in the refrigerator in the office break room, carried in a cooler, or otherwise make traveling and transporting more convenient for busy athletes. Especially those who run to the gym during lunch hour or immediately after work, the ease and quickness with which they can consume a protein shake can give them extra workout or cool down time they might otherwise spend preparing their drinks. Likewise, these busy athletes don’t necessarily need immediate access to a water source.

There are a myriad of ready to drink protein shakes available. Some manufacturers offer full sized drinks as well as protein shots. There are also formulations for specific goals or healthy related issues such as weight loss, fat burning, and sexual dysfunction. Formulations for increased energy and to increase or speed up muscle recovery processes are also available. Manufacturers such as Redline, ABB, Dietex, and others have seen the need for athletes with busy schedules or who dislike the mess and mixing of traditional protein powders and have responded with their own ready to drink lines.

These ready to drink protein shakes have all the dietary fiber, beef proteins, whey proteins, amino acids, and calories of their powdered counterparts, but without the mess associated with mixing powders. The result is faster intake of the proteins and nutrients your muscles need to grow, not to mention less bulk in your gym bag from powder canisters and bottled waters needed for protein shakes that require mixing. And just like their powdered counterparts, most of these readymade shakes contain no cholesterol, lactose, aspartame, or added sugars to weight you down or add to the fat you are already trying to burn off. You get all the benefits from a protein shake with more convenience.

RTD's are a quick and easy drink already pre-mixed and ready to drink. This saves you time from have to mix in a packet or scoop into water. Check out our great selection of Protein, Energy and Fat Burning RTD Supplements at wholesale prices, right here at

RTD Benefits:

  • Pre-Mixed Formula
  • Drink on the go
  • Use as needed, throughout the day
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