Supplements for Teenagers

There are several reasons why a teen may want to begin bodybuilding or exercise, rather its to build muscle and/or lose weight. With several sports going on throughout high school, many of the players on those teams want to be as strong, big and quick as possible. You may just want to have that perfect looking body to look good for the opposite sex. The pressure throughout these stages of a teens life are absolutely tremendous. I know from first hand experience. As the starting short stop for the varsity baseball team, I had pressure from my coaches, friends, girlfriend, dad and other family members. When I would lift weights at the fitness center or at the school's gym for preseason training, it really helped me release the stress I had. I think it is great for teenagers/high schoolers to develop some type of bodybuilding/training regimen. This will help them focus on something positive in life vs. negative, such as drugs, alcohol, etc.. You will also begin to develop a higher self esteem about yourself, which is extremely important as you grow and mature into an adult.

I remember when I was in high school, bodybuilding supplements just really started becoming popular. Many of the football and baseball players began taking certain supplements my junior/senior year. Is it necessary for a teenager to take supplements? No, its not all, you can get great results with the right training and nutrition regimen. If you decide to take supplements, it is very important to take something that will benefit you and not cause damage.

Teenagers need to make sure they do not take any testosterone or growth hormone supplements. I cannot emphasize on this enough. As you get into your teen years, your testosterone levels are already at high levels. Taking supplements that will increase your test levels anymore, there is a great chance it would cause damage. So, please don't even think about those type of supplements, you will just be wasting your money and have the chance of hurting yourself.

What type of supplement should a teenager take? We are asked this question all the time by the parents, coaches and teenagers themselves. It is extremely important what to take, what is important, whats not and so on. The team here at has really worked hard on finding the right products thats not only safe, but effective as a teen matures. We have decided the best way to help teenagers find the right supplements is to break it down into 2 different age groups. The first age group is for those who are 15 and under. The second is those who are 16-19 years old.

Supplement Guide for Maturing Teenagers

Choose the age group you fall into on the link below. It is also important that you communicate with your parents/guardian on which supplements you are looking into using. Besides, they will be the ones who will be purchasing them for you. wants the best for maturing teenagers and we hope all of you succeed in school, sports and life in general. This stage of your life only comes once, so enjoy every moment and remember stay healthy!!

Supplements for Teenagers
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