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Ephedra is the king of all diet supplements & weight loss aids. The FDA banned ephedra from the market in 2004, but the banning was reversed a short time later due to a ruling of a Utah judge. In 2006, once again ephedra was banned, but with Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and others leading the charge to once again get the ruling overturned they were successful in doing so in 2007. Now we are into 2009 and ephedra diet pills are more popular than ever. With top selling ephedra products like Green Stinger, Lipodrene, ECA Extreme, Yellow Bullet and Hellfire EPH 150, quick weight loss is just a click away here at

Slimquick Products on Sale

SlimQuick Diet Pills are designed specifically for women and their needs. Slimquick Diet Pills were consumers top rated diet aids for women in 2008. With a monster marketing campaign in 2008, SlimQuick added new products such as Slimquick Cleanse, Slimquick Naturals with Acai, and Slimquick and Slimquick Extreme Drink Sachets. With the addition of these fast weight loss supplements, the Slimquick for women products have become the second best selling weight management supplements here at i-Supplements.

Hoodia Gordonii on Sale

Hoodia Gordonii Supplements are excellent stimulant free appetite suppresants. Hoodia has been used for centuries by the Bushmen in the South African Kalahari desert where this leafless succulent grows. Due to Hoodia's ability to supress the Bushmens appetites on long hunts, Hoodia also gave them energy for these long hunts. Hoodia works great on its own, but also note that we have been receiving testimonials over the years that using Hoodia Gordonii Supplements with ephedra or any other ephedra-free diet pill, faster weight loss has followed. Hoodia diet pills are great for men or women who do not want that buzzed feeling like you get with some weight loss and diet aids.

Acai Pills & Acai Liquids on Sale

Acai Pills and Liquids are rapidly becoming one of our consumers top rated diet aids here at With Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray giving the nation major TV exposure on Acai, no wonder it is becoming such a popular diet pill. Acai berries are all natural and stimulant free and they are loaded with 10X more antioxidants than blueberries and grapes. We receive alot of phone calls and emails on what is the best acai berry to buy? Our top 3 acai sellers are below and you can also go to our Acai Liquid Supplements section to see what other hot sellers are available.

There are many other thermogenic fat burners available at i-Supplements for you to select from & review.

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  • QuadraLean Thermogenic by RSP Nutrition 180ct

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  • Raspberry Ketones 90ct Hi-Tech

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  • Razor by Slimquick 60ct

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  • Red Acid Reborn 60ct Controlled Labs

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  • Red Hot 60ct Universal Nutrition

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  • Ripped Juice Ex2 60ct Betancourt Nutrition

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  • Roxy 45ct BPI Sports

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  • Satietrim Saffron Extract 90ct Hi-Tech

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  • Shift 60ct PES

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  • Somalyze by Species Nutrition 90ct

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  • Stim-10 by EXT Sports 56ct

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  • Sub Q 120ct Fusion Bodybuilding

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  • Super HD 120ct Cellucor

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  • Syneburn 180ct PrimaFORCE

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  • Thyrovex 60ct VPX Sports

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  • Tight 60ct SAN

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  • Tone Complex 120ct Nutrakey

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  • Triphala by Labrada Nutrition 60ct

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  • White Kidney Bean Extract by Nutrakey 90ct

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  • Green Stinger Ephedra 120ct Schwartz Labs

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  • Superdrine RX-10 With Ephedra 120ct

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  • Ripped Power 120ct Ephedra Diet Supplement

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  • Yellow Devils 100ct Diet Pills w/ Ephedra

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