Adorned Bronzing Complex 13.5oz Devoted Creations

Devoted Creations Adorned Bronzing Complex

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Adorned Bronzing Complex 13.5oz Devoted Creations

Tightening, toning and contouring ingredients plus potent revolutionary skin care breakthrough elements will also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Added tan extenders will intensely hydrate your color.


-- Kollaren - Potent skin conditioner, collagen production peptide

-- Snow Algea Powder - Rejuvenates your look at the cellular level

-- Intenslim™ - Helps to breakdown skins stored fat accumulation

-- Renovage™ - Firms, hydrates & plumps the skin

-- PhyToCelltec™ - Protects longevity of skin while combating chronological aging & preserving youthful look of skin

-- SunXtend color extending formula

-- Coral Essence Fragrance

You've got a perfectly dark tan, but how does your skin look and feel? If you're less than pleased with the texture of your skin and want soft, supple tissue to complement your flawless color, it's time to adorn yourself from head to toe with Devoted Creations ADORNED Bronzing Complex! This maintenance bronzer features SunXtend to keep your color looking optimally vibrant session after session, and it treats the skin to an array of ingredients to address common skin imperfections experienced by frequent tanners and women at large.

Devoted Creations ADORNED Bronzing Complex helps to fight lost elasticity that can result in wrinkling, sagging and a loss of suppleness. The bronzer delivers these results with the skin conditioner Kollaren and proprietary Renovage and PhyToCelltec. Snow algae powder is added to the formula to promote cellular repair in areas where UV damage has occurred, while Intenslim increases circulation to the skin tissue to metabolize fatty stores and minimize the appearance of cellulite.