Aloe There Dark Bronzer 8.5oz Swedish Beauty

Swedish Beauty Aloe There Dark Bronzer

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Aloe There Dark Bronzer 8.5oz Swedish Beauty

New Aloe There® Bronzer combines its original skin-loving ingredients with DHA and Natural Bronzers for a healthy, deep glow that keeps skin flawlessly dark!


-- Freedom Formula™- Nut, Gluten, Paraben & Silicone FREE - designed for sensitive skin

-- Laid-Back Bronzers- Strong percentage of DHA paired with Natural Bronzers delivers instant and delayed color for maximum dark results that last

-- Skin Calming Blend- Ylang Ylang plus natural ingredients help soothe and relax while preventing after tan odor

-- Organic Conditioners- Softens dry, rough skin for a fresh and smooth feel that lasts all day

-- Boosted BioBronze™ Blend- Cocoa, Orange, Angelica and Banana extracts help activate tan color to achieve the darkest, most extended hue possible

-- Rich in Aloe Vera

-- Green Zen - Pear fragrance

Need to take an extra gentle approach to tanning? If concerns about dryness or sensitivity make it hard for you to get the perfect tan, say hello to Swedish Beauty ALOE THERE DARK BRONZER. This naturally-based tanning bronzer helps to keep skin free of irritation while unleashing the skin's power to darken in response to UV. The bronzing complex used in the formula includes natural extracts like banana, cocoa, orange and angelica instead of harsh chemicals. A concentrated dose of DHA derived from sugarcane is also added to perfect results after tanning and help prevent fading. Best of all, the formula is free of common irritants like silicones, parabens, nuts and glutens, making it the gentle way to tan!

As you work Swedish Beauty ALOE THERE DARK BRONZER into your skin, you'll help to calm inflammation and banish redness with a blast of aloe vera. The formula also includes ylang ylang to freshen the skin and organic plant oils and butters to moisturizer the tissue.