American Legs Bronzer 3.4oz Jessica Robertson

Jessica Robertson American Legs Bronzer

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American Legs Bronzer 3.4oz Jessica Robertson

Tighten and firm those legs with an even bronze glow in just hours with Jessica Robertson's American Legs.


-- Hair growth Inhibitor

-- Firming & Anti-Aging

-- Sensory Silicone Base offers triple enhancement for radiant skin: softens, and leaves skin glowing

-- Nourishing Moisturizer

-- Fragrance: Coconut

Jessica Robertson is never afraid to show a bit of leg on the red carpet, and when she does, she truly wows with the golden glow of her gams. Now, you too can strut your stuff and look red carpet ready with a picture perfect tan on your legs produced with the help of Jessica Robertson AMERICAN LEGS LEG BRONZER. Many women have difficulty tanning their legs due to the condition of the skin and rapid hair growth in the area, but this formula is designed to give you a gorgeous glow that lasts. Along with natural bronzers, the formula also contains a hair growth inhibitor that reduces unwanted leg hair to promote silkier skin.

With Jessica Robertson AMERICAN LEGS LEG BRONZER, you can tackle some of your biggest skin care concerns from the tops of your thighs to the tips of your toes. The formula provides skin firming and anti-aging benefits and softens and smoothes the legs with a luxurious silicone base.