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Increased Focus and Memory

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What is Neurogenex and what are it's benefits ?

is a combination of various nootropics (smart drugs and supplements). Neurogenex improves memory, improves brain metabolism, increases blood flow to the brain, increases concentration and focus inhibits breakdown of the extremely important neurotransmitter acetyl-choline upregulates nicotinic receptors, which are important for appetite control and mood. It increases levels of the enhancing dopamine and other neurotransmitters, which are essential for memory and motor (movement) control, may increase nerve restoration and memory through increases in nerve growth factor. Decreases and may reverse damage done by harmful neural metabolites.

What are the ingredients and what do they do?

1. xo-pyrrolidone

a. 2-oxo has been shown to improve memory in numerous clinical trials b. it has also been shown to increase neural flow between brain hemispheres c. increases density of cholinergic receptors, which improves neural function

2. Vinpocetine

a. facilitates cerebral metabolism by improving blood flow to the brain b. boosting brain cell ATP production, which means more "brain energy/fuel" c. increases the production of Noradrenaline and Dopamine

3. Galantamine

a. acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which means it blocks the premature, often age-related breakdown of the natural neurotransmitter acetylcholine b. enhances nicotinic receptor activity, an effect long known to influence memory and intellectual activity as well as having impacts on appetite control and mood. c. under the trade name "Reminyl", Galantamine is FDA approved to treat Alzheimer's

4. Erzine A

a. studies have shown that huperzine A, like galantamine, inhibits acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain and increases the acetylcholine levels for up to 6 hours b. used in china to treat ALZHEIMERS 5. Bacopa (20% bacosides) a. Research indicates they play a protective role in the synaptic functions of the nerves in the hippocampus, the seat of memory b. May also have anxiolytic (anxiety relieving) effects

6. DME

a. Increases attention span b. Precursor to acetyl-choline c. Has numerous benefits, most of which are related to its impact on choline and acetyl-choline levels

7. Acetyl-l-carnitine

a. shown to protect brain cells against aging-related degeneration and improve mood b. a precursor for acetyl-choline c. sold as a pharmaceutical in Europe to treat heart and neurological disorders

8. Acetyl-l-tyrosine

a. precursor for Noradrenaline, Dopamine and acetyl-choline

9. Choline Bitartrate.

a. precursor to acetyl-choline b. itself an important neurotransmitter c. must be taken with 2-oxo, probably due to increase in cholinergic receptors

10. Piroxidal-5-phosphate, Nicotinamide, and Calcium Pantothenate

a. important b vitamin cofactors for brain and general metabolism as well as neurotransmitter production

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