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Vitatrol Mega Multi-Vitamin

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Vitatrol by Foundation Nutriceuticals

Vitamins are nutrients required in very small amounts for essential metabolic reactions in the body. The term vitamin does not encompass other essential nutrients such as dietary minerals, essential fatty acids, or essential amino acids. Nor does the term refer to the large number of other nutrients that promote health, but are not strictly essential.

Vitamins act both as catalysts and substrates in chemical reactions. When acting as a catalyst, vitamins are bound to enzymes and are called cofactors, for example vitamin K forms part of the proteases involved in blood clotting. Vitamins also act as coenzymes to carry chemical groups between enzymes, for example folic acid carries various forms of carbon groups (methyl, formyl or methylene) in the cell.

Until the 1900's, vitamins were obtained solely through food intake. Many food sources contain different ratios of vitamins. Therefore, if the only source of vitamins is food, a seasonal, yearly or even daily change in diet also alters the ratio of ingested vitamins. Many vitamins can be stored by the body over a range of dosages and short term deficiencies (e.g. during a particular food growing season), do not always result in disease.

Vitamins have been produced as commodity chemicals and made widely available as inexpensive pills for several decades allowing for consistent supplementation to dietary intake.

Vitatrol Supplement Facts:
Serving Size 4 capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Vitamins/Antioxidants %DV

Vitamin A 5000 i.u. - 100
Vitamin D 200 i.u. - 50
Vitamin E 400 i.u. - 1333
Vitamin C 100 mg - 167

Grapeseed Extract (85% Proanthocyanidins 100mg

Coenzyme b-complex & metabolic activators

B1 100 mg - 6667
B2 100 mg - 5882
B3 200 mg - 1000
B5 200 mg - 2000
B6 100 mg - 5000
Folic Acid 400 mcg - 3333
Paba 25 mg
Biotin 300 mcg - 100
Lipoc Acid 30 mg

Minerals (elemented values)

Calcium 500mg - 50
Magnesium 500mg - 125
Iron 25 mg - 139
Zinc 20mg - 133
Manganese 15 mg -750
Potassium 400 mg - 13
Cooper 500 mg - 25
Chromium 200 mcg - 167
Selenium 100 mcg - 143

Liptropic Nutrients & Digestive Enzymes

Choline Bitartrate 200 mg
Inositol 100 mg
Bromelain 100 mg
Betaine HCL 100 mg
Papain 100 mg
Amylace 50,000 Units (SKB)
Protease 50,000 units (HUT)
Lipase 8,500 Units (LU)

Other ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, nagnesium sterate

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