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Cholesterol is a fat-like waxy substance produced by theliver. Although most people know about cholesterolassociated with health risks, there is also an importantfunction of cholesterol, needed by the body. In fact, eachcell of the body is formed to a certain degree fromcholesterol. However, when a person's level of badcholesterol is too high, health risks exist. On the otherhand, cholesterol maintained at the right level aids bybuilding and repairing cells, producing estrogen andtestosterone, and making bile acids that help with thedigestion of fat.

The body does not get rid of cholesterol within in thebody, this is why if the cholesterol is too high within ourbodies, clogs can happen, blocking our blood flow to theheart. Animal fats are the worst and this is why we shouldconsume things like beef, eggs, and even dairy, such ascheese in moderation.

There are three forms of cholesterol or "lipoproteins,"they are...LDL or low-density lipoproteins. These are bad cholesteroland too much can lead to build up and blockage of thearteries. HDL or high-density lipoproteins. This is goodcholesterol and helps transport other cholesterol fromother parts of the body to the liver. This helps removefats from the body and prevents the blockage of arteries.Another kind of lipoproteins which is also low-densitytransports triglycerides in the blood. High levels oftriglycerides can also cause the risk of heart disease.

In the U. S. today, high cholesterol effects more than 50%of adults, this also means this risk of heart attackseffects thousands of people everyday. This risk can belowered by eating healthier foods, better fats, and ofcourse, getting a fair amount of exercise.

However, most exercise equipment bought with the bestof intentions, end up sitting in the corner of some roomin our home collecting dust and a guilty reminder of howmuch money we spent on something we don't use anymore.This best exercise comes free though and all one hasto do to get started is walk out their front door. Walkingis the best form of exercise and anyone can do it. Allit takes is thirty minuets a day and it doesn't even haveto be done all at once. Starting slowly is recommendedand two short 15 minuet walks can get you on the pathto a healthier you.

One doe's not have to dive right in and do all things allat once. It usually takes time and persistence to getinto better habits, and exercise and eating right is noexception. With time, one can train their way of thinkingto start eating healthier and eating things that will lowerbad cholesterol and help open up clogged arteries. Ifyour really overweight, you should speak with yourdoctor and let her or him help fit you with a program thatis right for you personally. Your doctor may also put youon a cholesterol lowering prescription to help get yourcholesterol down.

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