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High Cholesterol and Stroke Risk in Women

We all know that cholesterol levels increase your risk of stroke. A new study now shows that women with high cholesterol have twice the risk for ischemic stroke than those with low cholesterol levels, even if those women are completely healthy otherwise, with no history of heart disease or stroke.

This study, which looked at over 25,000 healthy females over age 45, compared baseline lipid levels and incidence of stroke over eleven years. Controlled factors included alcohol consumption, exercise, smoking, body mass index, hormone replacement therapy and other drugs or supplement regimens. Over this eleven-year period, subjects experienced 282 ischemic strokes.

The findings: The subjects’ risk of stroke rose uniformly with their lipid levels. That is, even those women with no history of heart disease or stroke were much more likely to suffer an ischemic stroke based solely on their levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff).

Both the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association recommend avoiding unfavorable cholesterol levels to help prevent the risk of stroke. The general guidelines suggest maintaining a total cholesterol count of 200mg/dL or less, with 60mg/dL and above of hdl cholesterol (the good kind) and no more than 100mg/dL of LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff).

To avoid high cholesterol levels, watch your diet. Eat foods with good fats, like salmon. Avoid foods high in saturated fat and eat plenty of vegetables. There are also several supplements available on I-supplements to help you regulate your good/bad cholesterol.

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