Benefits of Stretching

Benefits of Stretching – Reasons to Establish a Routine

Stretching is important to anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter how active you are or how old you are, you need to stretch your muscles. You may think that the benefits of stretching only apply to people who exercise. It’s true that active people and athletes are encouraged to stretch before and after a workout, but this applies to other areas in life as well. For example, if you’re sitting at a desk for a long period of time, it would be beneficial for you to take regular breaks and do some stretching. You don’t even have to leave your work area. Just stand up and stretch for a few minutes before going back to work.

There are several benefits of stretching. An increase of energy level is the first benefit. This is probably the most important benefit. When you stretch your muscles, you increase and encourage blood flow. The increase in blood flow means an increased level of energy. This is why people who exercise are encouraged to stretch before and after their workout. Stretching beforehand helps the body to prepare for the workout by lengthening the muscles and increasing blood flow. Stretching afterwards ensures that the blood flow continues, and that your muscles don’t cramp up.

This ties right in with another one of the benefits of stretching: stretching relieves stress. Sore and tense muscles are a sign of stress, not a cause of it. Causes of stress may be situations in life, or having a hard day at school or work. When you’re stressed, your body physically shows it through certain muscle groups. The most common group of muscles is in your neck, shoulders and back. Stretching out these muscles relieves the tightness, thus relieving stress. It also automatically relaxes you.

An increase in flexibility is another benefit or stretching. Flexibility is important to your balance or equilibrium. As you get older, you’ll be more prone to falls and accidents. If you stretch, you increase the mobility and range of motion in your joints. This leads to you being more active, and keeping your balance, which will prevent you from having accidents as you get older. Try to establish a regular stretching routine. You can do it for five or ten minutes two to three times a week. You can even start out once a week, and gradually increase the frequency of your routine. Take advantage of the benefits of stretching now, so that you can enjoy the benefits later on in life.

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