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What is Herbal Ephedra? The herbal plant ephedra was first introduced over 2000 years ago in China. It was well known for its ability to help treat those who were suffering from the flu, bronchial asthma, cold, wheezing, coughing and miscellaneous pains. The herbal ephedra plant would be harvested during the autumn season and then laid out to dry. The Chinese would then take the prepped sections of the harvest and boil them, many times in conjunction with honey and water. They would then roast the sectioned pieces of the harvest, until the water had been fully evaporated. The herbal ephedra was then ready to be used as a remedy to relieve bronchial symptoms, cold, flu and much more.

The herbal ephedra plant was also utilized in other parts of the world, such as Northern India and Pakistan. This culture group would utilize the dried stems of the herbal ephedra plant specie, Ephedra antisyphilitica. This particular specie has been compared to ephedrine, because they believe it features the same adrenergic drug. Ephedrine is featured in the Ephedracea specie, which has been known to be used as a bronchodilator in orthodox medicine for many, many years.

In North American the herbal ephedra plant is found in areas of West Texas, along with Northern Mexico. The people in this region would harvest the stem extractions of Ephedra antisyphilitica. This particular ephedra plant specie is commonly found in areas of North American and Mexico. It was harvested to help treat Southwestern American Indians who suffered from renal diseases. Mormon Tea, along with Desert and Teamaster Tea is also very popular in the area, which is prepared from the Ephedra trifurca specie. These teas provides individuals with the wanted stimulating effects.

Herbal Ephedra was also prepared in a similar way as coffee, along with tea. They would brew it into a beverage and drink. This would provide individuals with a stimulating effect, which was similar to the effects you receive from caffeine.

In the Western Hemisphere, Herbal Ephedra was utilized as a clinical medicine. It would be used as a stimulant for the sympathetic nervous system. This was beneficial for those who suffered from asthma, hay fever, allergies, along with arthritis. It would also help break body fevers, clear clogged sinuses and raise blood pressure levels if needed.

Now, Herbal Ephedra is most commonly used as a fat burner or weight loss product. It has been the most popular diet pill for the past decade and provides amazing results. Many people across the world also refer Ephedra to Ma Huang, which is the alkaloid chemical found within the Ephedra Sinica. However, Ephedra/Ma Huang containing the alkaloid chemical begin receiving attention from the FDA close to 20 years ago, in the early 1990’s. The FDA started collecting data and investigating the possibility that Diet Pills containg “Ephedra Alkaloids” could cause adverse effects on consumers.

They began performing research and analyzing the safety of Ephedra Alkaloid Products by commissioning Rand Corporation. Throughout their research they did learn that Herbal Ephedra did help promote weight loss, however there was also a chance that it could potentially cause side effects.

Over the years there have been several proposals to Ban Ephedra. There were rulings that decreased the amount of Ephedra Per Serving. There were rulings that completely banned Ephedra. Bans were overturned, then implemented again. Over the past 10 Years it has been vicious revolving circle by going back and forth.

So, what’s the deal with Herbal Ephedra now? There are many people who believe Ephedra is illegal, cannot be sold, etc. However, that is not the case. Here’s the scoop and what has actually happened to help clear things up! Diet Pills that contained “Ephedra Alkaloids” have actually indeed been banned by the FDA. Now! there are several different species of Herbal Ephedra that can be harvested and the FDA has not banned them all!

Diet Pills with Ephedra are still being manufactured and sold. Companies are now formulating them with Ephedra viridis, Mormon Tea, Ephedra Extract, also well known as “Ephedra Leaves”. These products are still highly effective to promote weight loss, burn fat, increase energy levels, improve concentration and alertness, along with several other beneficial features. Some of the “new” Ephedra Products, include: Green Stinger, Ultimate Burn, Yellow Bullet and much more.

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