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Many people want the golden-brown skin of the stereotypical surfer. Unfortunately, not all of us live on the beach or even in a geographical area where we can sunbathe for the majority of the year. Sunless TanningTanning beds have grown increasingly popular for us non-beach dwellers or those of us who have jobs and can’t spend our weekdays out basking in the sun. But in case you haven’t heard, there is increasing data proving that these “fake bake” machines are contributing to the rise in skin cancer. So what to do if you still want to look like a bronzed god?

Airbrush tanning, or spray tan, has become quite popular over the past few years. With this technique, you can get a California-quality tan without the risk of skin cancer, sunburn, or spending hours on the beach (not that I would complain about spending that much time on the beach!). Airbrush tan can get messy though. If you’ve ever dealt with it, you may find that it can stain lighter colored clothes, bed sheets and furniture. On top of that, you have to make appointments to get an airbrush tan, and that can really start to get expensive and inconvenient. To avoid all of this, you can go the route of sunless tanning lotions.

There are a great many benefits to these types of sunless tanning products including:

· No appointments; apply self tanner when it is convenient for you
· You can do it in your own home
· Easy to apply
· Don’t have to worry about skin cancer caused by UV exposure
· Many will not stain clothes, etc.
· Relatively inexpensive

Applying an indoor tanning lotion can help you get that beautiful tan on your own time in your own home. With sunless tanning lotions, you just apply it the same way you would a regular moisturizing lotion. Many of these self tanning lotions are enriched with vitamin E and other helpful skin nutrients. Not only are you getting the effects of the bronzer, you’re helping to nourish your skin as well. This can lead to softer and smoother skin with the beauty of a dark tan.

If you are looking to get a Hollywood glow to your skin but you want to avoid the negative consequences of tanning beds and UV overexposure, sunless tanning lotions may be the way to go for you. With the convenience and easy application of self tanning products, it has never been easier to get that beautiful beach tan in your own home, and on your own time.


Tim Mielke
Author and Supplement Expert

Tim Mielke has been involved in the supplement industry for over 15 years. As a former competitive body builder and personal trainer, Tim has extensive first-hand knowledge of the benefits and pitfalls of fitness supplementation. Knowledge so extensive, in fact, that his book, “The Book of Supplement Secrets: A Beginners Guide to Nutritional Supplements,” was recently published and is currently available through Amazon.com. Tim brings this supplement and bodybuilding know-how to www.i-supplements.com as a contributing author and researcher.

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